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( BW)(CA-LEGEND) Legend's MemChar Version 6.1 Automates Memory Characterization with Intelligence and Reliability-Checking

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    SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 11, 2001--Legend Design Technology, Inc. announced version 6.1 of its industry-leading MemChar(TM) product, an automatic memory characterization tool. The new release addresses the intelligent optimization and reliability checking for memories on system-on-chip (SoC) designs. It builds upon the market-leading position of MemChar(TM), offering the advantages of automation, performance, and accuracy in a fully integrated tool.
    In SOC designs, accurate timing and power models are essential to use embedded memories. MemChar(TM) with multiple patented technologies can automatically characterize the memories and generate those models at silicon-level accuracy. With increasing design complexity and rising clock frequencies, the reliability issues such as "glitches," "unsettled states" and "timing soft error" etc. are becoming critical and difficult to observe from the output. As a result, the chip may not meet performance targets and the silicon yield may be low. The newly released MemChar(TM) can fully prevent reliability problems and enhance design quality.
    Steve Crain, Director, Library Development at Broadcom Corporation, said "Legend's MemChar(TM) and SpiceCut(TM) have enabled us to accurately characterize more than a thousand memories from our compilers in merely three months, based upon layout extracted circuits with RCs."
    According to LeeChung Yiu, VP Core Technology, Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. "Legend's MemChar(TM) has the capability of `timing soft error' prevention during optimization of the setup and hold time in characterization. Instead of manual work for the conservative values, we are now using MemChar(TM) to locate the optimal setup and hold time in embedded memory designs for SOC integration. MemChar(TM) can provide us not only the true setup and hold time, but also the automated flow for multiple slew rates, output loadings and various PVTs. Nassda's HSIM(TM) is one of the simulators that we use with Legend Design's MemChar(TM)."
    Based upon the data sheets, MemChar(TM) can automatically generate the simulation stimulus and controls, build critical-path netlists, manage running simulations in loops or optimization, and create the library models. Users can specify their preferred circuit simulators such as HSPICE(TM), HSIM(TM), PowerMill(TM), TimeMill(TM), and StarSim(TM) etc. for characterization. Sang Wang, Nassda CEO, said "HSIM(TM) circuit simulation and analysis working with Legend Design's MemChar(TM) tool will immediately benefit those SOC design teams requiring high-accuracy timing models."
    For validating memory and fine-tuning models in SOC designs, Legend also provides characterization services, and the "ready-to-use" tool leasing. Legend is a member of TSMC's Design Service Alliance (DCA) program.

    About Legend

    Legend Design Technology, Inc. is the leading solution provider in IP characterization and critical-path simulation for advanced IC designs, especially after layout parasitic extraction. Legend's MemChar product, an automatic memory characterization tool, achieves the substantial benefits of automation, accuracy, and performance with "critical-path" circuits generated by its SpiceCut tool.
    In addition to products, Legend offers memory characterization services for validation, model fine-tuning, porting and re-targeting. For more information, please visit

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