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Dolphin Technology and Legend Design Enable Automatic Instance Based Memory Characterization In Near Real Time

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and SANTA CLARA, Calif., -- July 28, 2003 - Dolphin Technology, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) blocks and Legend Design Technology, Inc., the leading provider of IP characterization and simulation software, today announced that Legendís CharFlo-Memory! offers instance characterization and verification for Dolphinís memory compilers. Based upon layout-extracted circuits with resistors and capacitors, CharFlo-Memory! enables the users of Dolphin memory compilers to automatically generate on-chip memory instance models at any process technology corner.

"For high-speed and low-power SoC designs, Dolphin memory compiler users can rely on Legendís instance characterization tool, CharFlo-Memory!, to quickly provide accurate models for separate PVTs (process, voltage and temperature) to achieve the performance requirements associated with deep sub-micron technology," said Mo Tamjidi, president and CEO at Dolphin Technology.

"For our high-speed networking SoC designs, we use Dolphin Technologyís specialty memory compilers in conjunction with Legendís CharFlo-Memory! to verify and generate on-chip instance .LIB models in near real time for any layout-extracted memory circuit based on Mindspeedís advanced Spice models at customized PVT corners." said Surinder Dhaliwal, Manager of Library and IP Group at Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.

"We chose Dolphin Technologyís specialty memory compiler for its performance and proven track record, and use Legendís CharFlo-Memory! instance based characterization tool for its high throughput cost ratio without sacrificing accuracy and its seamless automation and integration with memory compilers," said Dr. Chin-Fu Chen, Director of Core Technology and EDA Business Management at Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.

Dolphin Technologyís low-power high-speed memory compiler products include single- and dual-port SRAMs and single- and two-port register files. Using either a Graphical User Interface or Command line, users can specify the details of required memory instances. Simulation and artwork views are generated quickly and can be easily integrated into the SoC design. The generators have a wide range of optional features, such as maskable word width and redundancy, to meet the broadest set of customer needs.

Legendís CharFlo-Memory! gives its users the capacity to characterize memory compiler generated instances in real-time. Since the memory model reflects the reality of the silicon, it provides superior quality and reliability. In addition, due to the precise modeling, engineers will be able to make their designs with more density and lower power consumption.

"Instance modeling of embedded memory is essential for SoC engineers to achieve success in high-performance designs," said Dr. You-Pang Wei, president and chief executive officer of Legend Design Technology. " Combining the core competencies of both companies, the Dolphin/Legend integrated solution enables customers to deliver very high performance and high silicon yield designs."

About Legend Design Technology, Inc.

Legend Design Technology, Inc. is a provider of characterization and simulation software for semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) blocks in SoC designs. With an emphasis on productivity and value, Legendís CharFlo-Memory! toolset which includes MSL, SpiceCut, MemChar and MSIM, revolutionize the time consuming and error prone processes associated with characterization. SpiceCut can automatically build critical-path circuits to reduce simulation time for characterization, especially from post-layout extracted circuits with resistors and capacitors. MemChar can automatically characterize the memories and generate the 'true' timing and power models. MSL can automate memory characterization with customized setup of '.Lib-in and .Lib out'. MSIM is a characterization-oriented circuit simulator with post-layout RC reduction capability. With high accuracy, high speed and licensing models, MSIM can provide excellent price-performance.
For more information, visit

About Dolphin Technology

Dolphin Technology, Inc., is a leading provider of high performance Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) blocks that include embedded memory and memory compiler products, high performance and standard IOs and high performance standard cell libraries. Advanced design technology incorporated into Dolphin's SIP blocks enable System-on-Chip designs to achieve faster clock rates, smaller die size and reduced manufacturing cost. For more information about Dolphin and its products, please visit

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