Legend's MSIM circuit simulator optimized for 'Subcircuit-type Spice model' for nanometer technology

'Subcircuit-type Spice model' addresses the need for nanometer designs, but may slow down the conventional circuit simulators dramatically.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 2, 2006 – Legend Design Technology, Inc. today announced the MSIM circuit simulator has been optimized with orders magnitude faster than the conventional simulators when using 'Subcircuit-type Spice model' for nanometer technology. MSIM is a high-accuracy circuit simulator with post-layout RC reduction capability.

For nanometer technology, Spice models have become more and more complicated for modeling various second-order effects. For example, layout-dependent 'stress effect' was added to BSIM4.3.0 and 'well-proximity' effect to BSIM4.5.0. However, new modeling enhancements and geometry-dependent parameters are continuously needed, particularly in the early stage of advanced process development.

The 'Subcircuit-type Spice model' can provide the flexibility of adding new modeling enhancements, especially for proprietary models. Each MOSFET will be represented as a subcircuit, which contains one basic MOSFET element in BSIM4 model  (or others), and a number of resistors, capacitors and diodes for modeling new enhancements. The subcircuit arguments could be the newly added model parameters and device geometries. Major foundries have recently started to release 'Subcircuit-type Spice models' for nanometer technology.

Using 'Subcircuit-type Spice model' could dramatically slow down the conventional circuit simulators, where a large number of subcircuits, analysis operations, model parameter definitions and propagations are inefficiently executed during simulation process. However, Legend's MSIM circuit simulator has been well optimized for excellent performance and memory usage. With the proven accuracy, MSIM has passed all tests with orders magnitude speed improvement over the conventional circuit simulators.  

"The 'Subcircuit-type Spice model' is becoming the trend for nanometer designs, e.g. 90nm, 65nm and 45nm technology. That model has caused serious problems of speed and capacity when using with conventional Spice simulators. Legend has successfully optimized MSIM to offer an accurate and reliable simulation solution for those leading-edge customers adopting 'Subcircuit-type Spice model'." said Dr. You-Pang Wei, president and chief executive officer of Legend Design Technology, Inc. "We are fully committed to provide robust circuit simulators that support the sophisticated and updated models associated with nanometer SOC designs."

MSIM circuit simulator with new 'Subcircuit-type Spice model' optimization is available now, starting at $15,000 for a perpetual license.

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