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Memory Characterization Tools from Legend Design Technology Used by AMCC  

March 22, 2004 -- Legend Design Technology, Inc. today announced that Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC) has used CharFlo-Memory! and Legend's MSIM circuit simulator for instance characterization and embedded memory verification in high-performance system-on-chip designs. CharFlo-Memory! enables engineers to automatically generate on-chip memory instance models at any process corner of a given technology.

AMCC designs, develops, manufactures, and markets silicon networking solutions for global wide area networks (WAN) and storage area networks (SAN). Integrated circuits designed by AMCC contain high-performance embedded memories, which require accurate timing and power models. Quality validation and re-characterization is necessary for the memories used at different PVT (process, voltage and temperature), especially in high-speed and low-power designs.

"We have used Dolphin Technology's specialty memory compilers in conjunction with Legend's CharFlo-Memory! in our latest high-speed SoC designs," said Babak Mansoorian, IP manager at AMCC. "It allows us to verify and obtain accurate on-chip .LIB models for any layout-extracted memory circuit based on our advanced Spice models at customized PVT corners. In addition, using Legend's high-accuracy MSIM circuit simulator has enabled us to drastically increase our throughput and results."

"For high-speed and low-power SoC designs, users of Dolphin memory compilers can rely on Legend's instance characterization tool, CharFlo-Memory!, to rapidly provide accurate models for separate PVTs (process, voltage and temperature) to achieve the performance requirements associated with deep sub-micron technology," said Mo Tamjidi, president and CEO at Dolphin Technology.

Legend's CharFlo-Memory! gives its users the capacity to characterize memory compiler generated instances in real-time. Since the memory model reflects the reality of the silicon, it provides superior quality and reliability. In addition, due to precise modeling, engineers will be able to generate designs with higher density and lower power consumption.

"Instance modeling of embedded memory is essential for SoC engineers to achieve success in high-performance designs," said Dr. You-Pang Wei, president and chief executive officer of Legend Design Technology. "With the adoption of Legend's Charflo-Memory!, our customers have achieved the leading solution for memory IP characterization and modeling."

Go to the Legend Design Technology, Inc. website to find additional information.

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