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Legend Announces Software Tool for Process Optimization, Verification and Statistical Characterization   

May 10, 2004 -- Legend Design Technology, Inc. has announced that the CharFlo-Memory! software has been extended to CharFlo-Memory!-TD for semiconductor process optimization, verification, and statistical characterization. The purpose is to enhance the productivity and yields of process development for deep-submicron and nanometer technology. Legend’s methods and apparatuses there have been patent-pending.

For process verification, CharFlo-Memory!-TD provides electrical measurements of timing, power, maximum frequency, and the reliability etc. After process parameters converted to SPICE models, CharFlo-Memory!-TD with MSIM circuit simulator can verify the impact of any process change quickly and accurately.

As a pseudo-DOE (Design of Experiments) tool, CharFlo-Memory!-TD performs process optimization by characterizing and simulating the test circuits over the combinations of process parameters. The sweet spots can then be located with the results correlated with silicon measurement.

As for statistical characterization, CharFlo-Memory!-TD inputs statistical SPICE models reflecting the distributions of process parameters, and then produces the statistical results of electrical measurements from characterization and simulation. Analyzing the distribution of those statistical results such as sense-amplifier input (reliability) against noise margin always help predicting the yields.

Patrick Lin, Chief SOC Architect at UMC, commented, "For the ‘what-if’ analysis on any PVT corner, Legend’s CharFlo-Memory! has automated the characterization task and accomplished it accurately and efficiently. UMC now has the means to easily verify the impact a process change might have on memory IP function and reliability."

"Legend’s memory characterization tool has been well proven not only in characterizing designs, but also in enhancing the productivity and yields of process development, especially for deep-submicron and nanometer technology." said Dr. You-Pang Wei, president and chief executive officer of Legend Design Technology.

Go to the Legend Design Technology, Inc. website to find additional information.

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