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May 9, 2003

Legend upgrades memory characterization tool

By Michael Santarini
EE Times
May 8, 2003 (8:01 p.m. EST)

SAN JOSE, Calif Legend Design Technology Inc. has added a new push button ".lib in-and-out" front end to its Char-Flow Memory embedded memory characterization and modeling tool suite.

According to Legend Design's president and chief executive, You-Pang Wei, the new memory compiler front end, called MSL (MemChar SpiceCut Library), produces a .lib library format file with information such as pin names, slopes and loading for timing models.

The MSL tool reads in a .lib file and automatically generates the controls for running MemChar, Legend Design's Memory Characterization tool and SpiceCut, the company's automated critical path circuit generator.

"We have all the pieces covered for performing embedded memory characterization," said Wei. "CharFlo-Memory supports both Full-Chip and Critical-path based Characterization and Verification.Wei said users enter .lib files, Spice files and an extracted netlist of the design. The Char-Flow produces a refined and more accurately characterized .lib file of the memory model as well as produces a report that gives a before and after comparison of improvements made with Char-Flow Memory suite.

Legend Design also offers the MSIM matrix-inversion based circuit simulator with optimized algorithms for memory and standard cell characterization. The company plans to release a "Turbo" version of the tool in the third quarter of the year and will be previewing it at the Design Automation Conference in June. The flow also works with third-party simulators.

The Char-Flow Memory suite starts at $200,000.

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