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New circuit simulation engine for application integrations

SAN FRANCISCO — Circuit simulation and semiconductor IP characterization software provider Legend Design Technology Inc. said Friday (May 20) it has released an application program interface (API) for its MSIM circuit simulator.

MSIM API is a matrix-inversion based circuit simulator module with, according to the company, optimized algorithms and extensive modeling support.

Legend (Santa Clara, Calif.) said the MSIM API has been adopted by Magma Design Automation Inc. and successfully integrated into that company's RTL-to-GDSII "signoff in the loop" design flow, which was announced in April.

Legend said MSIM API as a simulation engine in design software systems provides excellent accuracy, speed and convergence. The company said the application engine is designed to work with any EDA software. MSIM API supports a large collection of models from a full set of foundries, the company said.

"MSIM API has proven its value as a simulation engine in EDA application software," said Legend President and CEO You-Pang Wei, in a statement. "It can deliver excellent performance, stability and consistency in the product integration."

MSIM API is available now, with a perpetual license fee starting at $15,000.