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Circuit simulator supports new BSIM model

Circuit simulator supports new BSIM model

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — Claiming improved simulation accuracy for nanometer designs, Legend Design Technology has announced that its MSIM circuit simulator provides full modeling support for the BSIM4.5.0 model released July 29, 2005 by the University of California at Berkeley.

The BSIM4.5.0 model offers a number of new features compared to the previous BSIM4.4.0. Among these is an enhanced well proximity effect model that enables device parameters such as Vt and U0 to vary with distance from the edge of a well implantation mask.

According to the Berkeley BSIM team, the new model also has a mobility model that accounts for Coulomb scattering and the channel length dependence of mobility; a substrate resistance model that is scalable with channel length and width; gate resistance parameters that can be specified as instance parameters; a new parameter for threshold voltage variation; and improved temperature dependence of model parameters.

To support BSIM4.5.0, Legend's MSIM has been enhanced to support the additional electrical mechanisms, model parameters and equations associated with the new model. Legend claims that MSIM has passed all necessary tests, including dc analysis, transient analysis and ac analysis benchmark circuits from U.C. Berkeley.

MSIM with BSIM4.5.0 support is available now from Legend starting at $15,000 for a perpetual license.