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CharFlo-Cell! is a next-generation characterization solution for standard cell and I/O library, being reliability and manufacturability aware. Using the patented multi-goals bisection method, CharFlo-Cell! analyses inside the cell and performs all kinds of signal integrity checks (e.g. signal noise, glitch, meta-stability, and delay etc) during the iterative process.
With high-throughputs and easy-setup, CharFlo-Cell! is a fully automatic system providing predictable results, and ensuring first silicon success. Together with Legend's circuit simulator MSIM, CharFlo-Cell! provides the best price-performance solution.
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  • '.Lib-in and .Lib-out' characterization
  • Automated characterization environment
       -Automatic stimulus generation
       -Automatic cell function acquisition
       -Automatic timing arcs sweeping

  • Multi-goals characterization
       -Signal Noise Check
       -Signal Meta-Stability Check
       -Signal Delays Check

  • Distribute concurrent simulation jobs across server farms
  • Liberty Model Diagnoser
       -Locate cell which has signal integrity issue
       -Locate cell which has functional failure


  • Complete automated characterization flow
  • Accurate and reliable analysis and results
  • High throughput through efficient simulation
       jobs distribution
  • Extensive SPICE model support for a full set of
       foundries and nanometer technologies
  • Excellent price-performance with MSIM
       and other commercial simulator integration

    Model Views

  • Liberty (.lib) includes CCS & ECSM,
       and timing/power/noise models
  • Verilog

    Platform Support

  • Sun Solaris
  • Linux

    Simulators Support

  • MSIM
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