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MSIM is an industry-proven Spice simulator with optimzied algorithms to deliver unparalleled accuracy, perfromance and value. TSMC has certified MSIM for accuracy and performance on advanced nanometer circuit designs.
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  • Ease of adoption
    • Easily integrated into the existing design environments, including waveform analysis and zipped file inclusion
    • MSIM simulation environment include graphic user interface of input data, stimulus generation, simulation controls, results analysis and waveform viewing etc.
  • Advanced device modelling
    • Deliver silicon-accurate models with proven implementations of BSIM3, BSIM4 and HiSim etc.
    • Develop Hybrid Modeling technology to ensure the built-in model matches the silicon data.
    • Provide Common Model Interface(CMI) which integrates users' own device models through dynamically linked share library.
  • Co-simulation capabilities
    • Combine Verilog-A behavioral descriptions with transistor-level netlists to speed up the simulation.
    • Execute both optical and electrical simulations with dynamic LC data and advanced TFT models.
  • Post-layout simulation
  • Versatility
    • Enable multi-threaded simulations on multi-core computers, with outstanding efficiency especially on large circuits.
    • Optimized for the sweeping applications including parameterized analysis, model, instnace and node for total turnaround time.
    • Intelligently handle subcircuit-style of device models to prevent massive memory usage and overwhelmingly lengthy simulation time.


  • High Accuracy
    • Certified by TSMC, and within 1% compared to the accurate mode of the most popular Spice simulator.
  • Fast Speed
    • More than twice the speed compared to the most popular Spice simulator.
  • Excellent convergence
    • Intelligent solvers and multiple criterions provide efficient and reliable convergence.
  • Extensive model support
    • Large collection of models support a full set of foundries and advance technologies, and various applications such as LCD, IC package and PCB etc.
  • Best price performance
    • Excellent value for a state of the art engine at a fraction of the cost.
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