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Memory, Cell Library & IBIS Model, and Lowering Vdd Analysis

1. Compiled Memory Characterization Solutions

  • Production and silicon proven over numerous designs
  • Execute "on-the-fly" verification for high reliability

2. Customized Memory Characterization Solutions

  • User's own stimulus & measures, and Legend-provided critical-path circuits.
  • Achieve the best performance, reliability and productivity.

3. Enabling Large-Memory Layout RC Extraction for Characterization

4. Built-in Instance Characterization in Mobile's Memory Compiler

  • Provide the exact-size instance .Lib models, in addition to compiler models.
  • Enable high-speed characterization, and on-the-fly reliability checking.

5. The Process for Lowering Vdd to Reduce Power

  • Lowering Vdd to reduce power consumption is effective and low-cost.
  • The analysis for reliability and yields is necessary.
  • The layout changes (e.g. increasing driver size) might be needed.

6. Standard Cell Library Model QA & Diagnosis

  • Quickly locate the violations of function, timing, power & missing timing arcs.
  • Repair the .Lib model to meet the production requirement.

7. Memory CCS Model Characterization Solutions

8. IBIS Model Characterization and Validation Solutions

  • SimDE for IBIS model characterization & validation, and MSIM for simulation.
  • MSIM fully integrated, and as a default simulator for IBIS model validation.

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