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Semiconductor, Passive Devices, Battery, Solar, Power ICs & DYI

1. MSIM for Analog & Mixed-Signal (AMS) IC Design Platform by Analog Rails

  • MSIM well proven on analog, mixed-signal & RF circuit designs like PLL, A/D and D/A converters, amplifiers and IO devices etc.
  • MSIM supports TSMC and most other foundry models used in Analog Rails.

2. Design-For-Yields (DFY) Solution by Lysis and MSIM-based Analog Design Flow

  • Explore the entire design space and find the best global yield and robustness for that design by using InfiniScale's Lysis.
  • Drive MSIM to simulate the design and provides the best design solutions for the most advanced (sub 100 nm) and complex designs.

3. Volume MSIM for Cell Library Characterization by ChronoVA LC

  • Very short turn-around-time (TAT). Cell library characterization can be done in hours, instead of days.
  • Fully automated, easy to set up, and best cost-performance

4. Volume MSIM for Memory Characterization

  • Industry-proven over years and on various technologies and designs.
  • Fully integrated for best performance and system reliability.

5. MSIM for IBIS Model Characterization & Validation by IOMeth

  • Complete system for IBIS model characterization, validation and simulation.
  • MSIM fully integrated, and as a default simulator for IBIS model validation.

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